Traditional Games vs Blockchain Games

Emmanuel Patrick
4 min readOct 1, 2021


Have you heard of incentivized gaming? Today we want to talk about play-to-earn games on the blockchain. Yeah! You heard that right. So what have you heard about blockchain games? Being a subject of increased interest in the cryosphere, you must’ve heard of it somehow.

Currently, blockchain games are part of the driving force promoting the wide adoption of DeFi and blockchain technology (the technology behind the emergence of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency). Just like social networking and search engines promote the use of the internet.

Blockchain games are similar to traditional video games such as Grand Theft and PES, yet, they stand different as they have rather distinct features. These features make them different from traditional video games and also unique.

What are Blockchain Games?

To define blockchain games exactly as they are, one needs to have a basic knowledge of what blockchain is. Blockchain existed long before Bitcoin, however, it grew popular with the wide adoption of Bitcoin. So newbies, let’s travel back in time to before Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger that stores data in forms called blocks. The storage of data is distributed across all the nodes (computers) on the network.

The inception of Blockchain Games

As a result of the successful emergence of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency using the blockchain, many other set-ups came to life using the technology of the blockchain. That’s why we have blockchain games.

Blockchain Games are games that use the technology of the blockchain for its functionality. Today we have various blockchain games and various blockchain gaming networks including the Seascape Network.

Reading on, we contrast traditional games and blockchain games using the features of Seascape games to represent blockchain games.

Back to the matter of the day. What was your take on incentivized gaming before you knew Seascape? Let me guess! It started off as a Herculean task, some must’ve dismissed the idea or laughed it off as a joke; it was something somewhat impossible to do. Looking at how far we’ve come, can we say that now?

Today we celebrate the success of the Seascape Network, as we bask in the blissful ecosystem we’ve helped create with Seascape.

About Seascape

Seascape is a gaming network on the blockchain whose vision is to promote and better gaming experience on the blockchain by incentivizing gamers (developers and players alike). It achieves this by incorporating the concepts of DeFi and NFT economies into its games.

Seascape focuses primarily on the need of gamers (developers and players) and how to better their overall gaming experience; hence the tag “your game your rules”.

What are Traditional Games

Traditional games in the context of this article refer to video games other than those that run on the blockchain. They include digital games and internet-based games. The likes of Grand Theft, PES, Need for speed, Subway surfers belong in this category.

The downsides of traditional games are major, centralization and lack of economic benefit or value and this is not the case with blockchain games.

Seascape stands out

The Seascape Network has recorded tremendous growth from year to date. Lots of factors distinguish the Seascape Network from other networks. This has propelled its growth over time and even more, given its games an edge over traditional games.

Traditional Games vs Seascape Games

Investment Value

Just like traditional games, Seascape games are entertaining. Sadly, that’s all there is to traditional games. The players play for fun and entertainment. Whereas in Seascape games, players can get real economic benefits while experiencing the fun of the game.

Games on the Seascape network rewards players for their gaming time using the accepted means of exchange on the network. Thus, blockchain games aren’t just games but investment structures.

Economic Value

The existence of economic value is most defined as a difference between blockchain games and traditional games. Seascape games have the following features that make them of great economic value.


NFTs have now become a subject of wide interest in the crypto sphere after the sale of an NFT piece of art by Beetles at an all-time high price early this year. Like traditional NFTs, Seascape NFTs can be traded for monetary value. Seascape games offer the opportunity to earn these unique assets.


DeFi represents a financial system where there is no centralized body of control. Transactions on this financial system are not controlled by a single body or central financial intermediaries such as banks; instead, these transactions utilizes smart contracts on a blockchain.

Seascape Network is a decentralized network. It allows for DeFi concepts such as staking, yield farming etc. to be gamified. These concepts are incorporated into their games as a core gameplay feature.


Every Network on the blockchain has a means of exchange unique to its network. This means of exchange is used to reward stakeholders of the network and it’s also used as payment for users of the network.

For the Seascape Network, the accepted mean of exchange is the Crowns token. This token is an ERC-20 token and relies on the Ethereum mainnet.


Traditional games have a highly centralized feature. Only the game developer(s) have full control of the game and can modify the game mechanism and adjust the parameter at will. Seascape games however are different, players are the real masters of the game, and developers can’t change the game code at will. Remember, its always been “Your game, your rules”


Players of blockchain games can safely trade. Blockchain technology makes the transaction process more secure, and equipment and props can be tracked. Whereas this is not the case in traditional games.