Summary of Ongoing Activities on Seascape for the Last Week of October


  • Seascape’s Ambassador Recruitment Program
  • Launch of Profit Circus Season Four
  • Launch of the Moonscape project

The Pack of the Sea Lions

  • Early Access — First call to all events, games, and community engagement.
  • Exclusive Events — Access to events only available to ambassadors, such as giveaways, competitions, media, and much more.
  • Expand Your Network — Regular communication with other ambassadors and access to a special ambassador Telegram group.
  • Esteem — Recognition on social media as official Seascape ambassador, and special swag to denote your role.
  • Merch — Get some of the top Seascape swag before it hits digital shelves

Profit Circus Season IV

Details of the Season


What is Moonscape

More Details on Moonscape

  • Attain resources with various DeFi mechanics
  • Play-to-earn: Get rewarded for your time spent in-game
  • Explore the futuristic moon, scavenge for materials, and battle fearsome foes.
  • Retro futuristic immersive world, Sci-Fi world.
  • Collaborate with partners to reform the moon, while collectively improving your returns.
  • Attack rival cities to plunder in the fight for limited resources
  • Acquire NFTs that can be staked or burned in exchange for upgrades and rewards
  • Developed for PC (browser) and Mobile (app).

Concluding line

About Seascape




Creative and Smart

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Emmanuel Patrick

Emmanuel Patrick

Creative and Smart

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