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Another banger on the Seascape Network is here. Seascape is taking a pace and is rapidly growing in the NFT space. Their aim to improve the gaming experience of their users and the rewards thereof is unwavering. And their rewards are getting better and better.

Seascape is a gaming platform based on Ethereum and BSC has an aim to reward gamers (developers and players alike) who use their platform to play and share experiences. Still in line with their vision to incentivize users for their gaming time Seascapes have made significant partnerships. All these are to make better the gaming experience of users. One such partnership is Wault Finance.

Wault Finance Ecosystem

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub on the Binance Smart Chain. It is an all-in-one DeFi Platform. Their ecosystem improves the accessibility of Decentralized Finance by the masses. It is secure, inexpensive and easy to use unlike many platforms with confusing interfaces. This platform has its unique tokens WAULTx and WEX. With the use of these tokens, their platform has amazing features such as WaultSwap (AMM), Wault Launchpad (new project presales), Wault Locker (liquidity locks for new or established projects), Wault Farms (staking and farming) and a lot of other amazing services. Their platform is open to other developers who intend to work, contribute and benefit from their ecosystem. They are working to create a user-friendly yield generator and lending aggregator. Detailed below is the distribution and features of the Wault token, get familiar with those. Remember, this operates on Binance smart chain.

WAULT token features

The current DeFi market is dominated by traders, bots and noncommittal speculators. However, at Wault, the token holders own all the benefits of the protocol. They have a unique structure and a supportive ecosystem with low fees, a buyback and a burning mechanism. These are meant to perpetually increase the value of WAULTx (Wault governance token, offering access to token presales) and WEX (WaultSwap farming token) and reward the active platform participants. To be more specific, the WaultSwap trading fee is so favourable. It is likely the lowest on BSC — if not the lowest — is only 0.20%. 0.18% of that 20% goes to the Liquidity Providers (LP). The remaining 0.02% is used to buy WEX and burn it. This is done daily. If any buyer considers which exchange to swap tokens, it is in his favour if he uses WaultSwap. Not only should he remember that WaultSwap has the lowest fees, but he can also get back a share of those fees to his wallet if he is a WEX holder. WaultSwap ecosystem has a structure to give back optimal yields to its users as its farms have no withdrawal fee, no deposit fee, and no performance fee, unlike most exchanges. So with Wault, it yields 100% profit.

Supply Management

The total supply of a token is the maximum number of the token and there cannot exist any more than this number. Wault will have a maximum Supply of 1 000 000 tokens and there can’t be minted more tokens.

Transaction Tax Rate

The platform offers a 3% transaction tax rate to be shared between Liquidity Providers, Wault Stakers, Marketing Fund and Token Holders. This offer means that 3% of the amount of every transfer will go return to persons holding and staking WAULT. This is an added incentive to encourage users to stake more WAULT.

The 3% tax rate will be distributed to the appropriate factions as follows:

1.2% will go to the Liquidity Mining contract.

0.5% will go to the Staking Pools

0.8% will go to the Token Holders.

0.5% will go to the Marketing Fund.

Supply Management

Token Metrics and Distribution

Initial Supply — 500 000 WAULT will be produced in the deployment of the contract.

160 000 WAULT — Private Sale (32%)

80 000 WAULT — Presale (16%)

40 000 WAULT — Marketing Treasury (8%)

30 000 WAULT — Team Tokens (Locked For 3 Months) (6%)

20 000 WAULT — Bug Bounties. Anyone, who finds and reports a bug, will be rewarded. (4%)

50 000 WAULT — Exchange Market Maker Tokens (10%)

120 000 WAULT — Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (24%)

Liquidity Mining Supply — 500 000 WAULT Locked in the Liquidity Mining Contract.

Partnership Details

Ensuring the partnership with Wault Finance, Seascape has been listed for trade on Wault Finance Ecosystem. This is not all there is, as Seascape and Wault are teaming up to bring users a Pool and a Farm with some of the most amazing rewards in the Crypto space. This partnership does not just end here as it opens opportunities for other benefits.


Seascapes in partnership with Wault Finance launched a pool on June 21, 2021, in which users can stake WEX to get pCWS for a period of 2 months. $100k worth of pCWS will be available to stakeholders while the pool is open.

WPool Reward Details

Total Rewards: 13 750 pCWS(~ 100K USD)

pCWS Token Address: 0xbcf39f0edda668c58371e519af37ca705f2bfcbd

Rewards Period: 5 weeks

Rewards Start Time (Approx. June 21 , 2021 2 PM GMT)

Rewards End Time :(Approx. July 28 , 2021 2 PM GMT)

Distribution Schedule: 0.0148 pCWS/block

To put you on track with plans, a pCWS/BNB farm will be launched in which users can take their freshly minted LP tokens and earn a whopping $9k in WEX every day for three months. You have all you need so there’s no excuse to miss it. Start yielding!




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