Seascape X Pocket Arena — What it holds for you

Emmanuel Patrick
4 min readOct 10, 2021


It’s another day and today I bring yet again glad tidings from Seascape. When it comes to your gaming experience, Seascape’s always there for you. Each day it seeks more convenient ways to incentivize its community. You don’t have to worry much anymore. Before you think it, it’s done. Let’s just refer to Seascape as a godparent over all your gaming activities, ’cause they always want what’s best for you.

Today is a very special day, I am excited to announce a new partnership on the Seascape Network. Seascape has completed a partnership deal with another network, Pocket Arena, all to better the gaming experience of the community. So expect something for your pockets and your wallets.

About Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena is a DApp game network that supports skill-based tournaments and user-generated game studios with an NFT Marketplace, powered by POC an ERC20 token. This is the means of exchange and payment used within its games and also used to reward users and stakeholders on the gaming platform.

Their Vision

The goal of the Pocket Arena network is to provide easy, amateur eSports service for those who are young and old. You do not need to install games for eSports. Just run it right from your browser or mobile messenger.

Features of the Network

Easily accessible

The game itself is similar to mining. At the end of every eSports event, the users are rewarded with POCs, a Crypto Token. HTML5 game developers in Pocket Arena are also rewarded for certain activities of the user.

Virtual in-game item exchanges

You are the owner of game items that you have spent a lot of time earning. Therefore, it can be sold to other users. All information about the game item is recorded securely in the blockchain and there is no fear of theft.


Only 1 billion POC will be created. After that, unlike Bitcoin, it will be impossible to increase the number of POC in the future. This means the total number of POC will always be fixed at 1,000,000,000.

Token distribution

  • 10% (100,000,000 POC)to be distributed by the Company to Pocket Arena team members, employees of Emoji Games and its affiliates and also to external PA advisors and supporters.
  • 10% (100,000,000 POC)is for exclusive sale for BMG with casual eSport advertisers only.
  • 20% (200,000,000 POC)is for general sale.
  • 20% (200,000,000 POC)is reserved by the Company for further PA developments and additional PA operation reserve as a contingency.
  • 40% (400,000,000 POC)is reserved by the Company to operate Pocket Arena for ten years from the official launch in 2018 until 2027. To incentivize end-users with POC Rewards for their PA gameplays, PA Championships, and PA Casual League winners.

Where it Aligns — Seascape X Pocket Arena

Play2Earn is a business model that embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game world.

Giving gamers ownership of in-game assets and allowing them to increase their value by actively playing the game are key components of the play2earn business model. By participating in the in-game economy, players are creating value for other players and the developers. In turn, they are rewarded with in-game assets.

These digital assets can be anything ranging from cryptocurrencies to in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain. It is for this reason that the play-to-earn business model complements blockchain games so well. Pocket Arena game players and developers, POC, are rewarded in return for their various activities. Also, by using POC, users can earn participation in assorted events within the PA ecosystem.

All these align with Seascape’s play-to-earn goal.

The Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a platform set up on the blockchain. It stands out as one of the platforms promoting the wide adoption of NFTs. Its interests are in NFT economies and DeFi.

Seascape aims to become the one-stop solution for gamers and DeFi investors all around the world. Using the power of incentivized gaming to attract active users and excellent devs, the platform thrives to cement its place as the ultimate game platform promoting earn while you play.

Another Trending Partnership to look out for


Moonbeam is a Polkadot Parachain primarily designed for Developers. Moonbeam simplifies the developer experience by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot, including scalability, cross-chain integrations, and on-chain governance.

Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam. It aims to provide a permanently incentivized canary network for Moonbeam. This means, it will operate as an experimental blockchain environment and will be used to test features using real economic conditions.

Features on Moonbeam

  • Low Generation Games
  • Scapestore
  • SeaDex

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