Seascape games on Moonriver — A rare opportunity!

Recent weeks have seen a lot go down on the Seascape Network. Day after day, Seascape introduces more ways for its community to earn. Partnership with Moonbeam couldn’t be better, it’s kept everyone on their toes for what’s next? If you’re a fan or member of the Seascape community, you’re eager too, I guess.

So in all of these, what have you missed? Some might ponder or think to themselves, why bother at all? Well, convincing you might take more than a few sentences; however, today’s article will lay out the fact.

After now, you’ll see why you need to anticipate all of Seascape’s games on Moonriver. Firstly, let’s answer the big question, what’s Moonriver, and what’s it about?

Overview of Moonriver

Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam. It aims to provide a permanently incentivized canary network for Moonbeam. This means, it will operate as an experimental blockchain environment for Moonbeam and will be used to test features using real economic conditions.

Moonbeam is the parent network of Moonriver. It is a Polkadot Parachain primarily designed for Developers. Moonbeam simplifies the developer experience by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot, including scalability, cross-chain integrations, and on-chain governance.

In other words, Moonbeam makes available on the Polkadot blockchain codes that were originally made for ETH.

Partnership Goals

Seascape’s partnership with Moonbeam is proposed to better the experience of members and users on the network. With this partnership, Seascape can improve the interoperability of their Network broadening out to people on the Polkadot chain.

However, a lot of fans are still jumbled and cannot outrightly see reasons to anticipate the release of each of these games. And Seascape’s big plan is to see all its DeFi games launched on Moonriver.

So far, two of Seascape’s DeFi games have been released on Moonriver. Two seasons of Profit Circus and the first season of NFT Brawl. Using the DeFi games already released on Moonriver, let’s see why you need this.

Profit Circus

Profit Circus is the first DeFi game of the Seascape Network. In the Profit Circus, users stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns, proportionate to the amount staked over the period. The game originally was launched on ETH then later on BSC. Now made available as well on Moonbeam’s companion network, Moonriver.

Profit Circus being Seascape’s first DeFi game was the first to launch on Moonriver and its first season lasted a period of 14days. It gave out 1000 MOVR rewards.

The unique thing about this release was its mouth-watering offers. First, giving out rare tokens and also giving users the opportunity to earn Gen. 0 scapes.

Currently, Profit Circus is running its second season on Moonriver and it offers plenteous rewards. The season offers 30k CWS in rewards. Additional incentives for you, as all minted scapes in the season, are rare Gen. 1 scapes.

Bonuses: After staking for a period of 24 hours, users get a free common scape straight to their wallet.

NFT Brawl

NFT Brawl is Seascape’s second DeFi game. In the game, users play to get fresh and newly minted scapes. In NFT Brawl, players use Crowns to get NFTs whose rarity is in proportion to the number of Crowns staked. These NFTs are referred to as Scapes and can be collected and traded on various DEXes.

After the conclusion of Profit Circus S1 on MoonRiver, Seascape released its thriller play-to-earn game NFT Brawl. The game was launched on September 14th. If you’re a fan of Seascape, you should know this series is all about NFTs.

Just like in other seasons of NFT Brawl on ETH and BSC, Moonriverwill features all the eight favourite scapes characters. All Scapes in this season are Gen 0 scapes and you know what that means.😊😊

Being financial assets, these NFTs can fetch you cool rewards. Get ready to experience the true power of DeFi. Join others now to play. Stake crowns to earn Gen. 0 scapes.


Earn More from Lower Generation Scapes

A scape’s power is determined by its quality and generation. In the Seascape Network, there are 5 scape qualities Common, Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Everyone can get a scape character with the quality of their choice from any of Seascape’s marketplaces. However, this is not so with Scape generation.

Seascape generations start from zero and move up as the platform advances. As more games are created, or as each game have a later season, the in-game rewards will vary by season.

This simply means later games and seasons will give higher generation levels (Gen 1, Gen 2, etc). Therefore, the lower the generation, the higher the value the Scape will have. Season 1 offers Gen 0 scapes, Season 2 offers Gen 1 scapes which are half the power of Generation 0 scapes.

The basic rule is, the earlier you are in on the action, the more valuable your Scape is. Yet, Moonriver’s offer bring to you these lower generation scapes without stress. What an opportunity!

Rush now, get these lower generation scapes for more rewards.




Creative and Smart

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Emmanuel Patrick

Creative and Smart

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