Promises Kept — An Assurance of Success

Here’s a post from January

Seascape stated their objectives

  • A lack of user incentives to learn about and become active in the blockchain.
  • A lack of scalable DeFi and NFT solutions to truly leverage the power of gaming as a medium.
  • A lack of affordable game platforms for devs in traditional outlets.
  • Here, we focus on creating a high-quality user experience on the one hand and profitability for the user on the other, with an Ethereum launch correlated with the Token Generation Event.
  • Next, we will build dev tools and SDKs for Substrate and the Polkadot network. Likewise, we will onboard new devs and release new games on the Scape Store.
  • Next, we will focus on facilitating great games and large-scale user acquisition.

Promises Kept

What characteristics and features makes Seascape’s minting and trading system different from other gaming DeFi platforms?

Concretely, how can players earn money? Only through staking?

How efficient and secure is your smart contract? Have you ever been audited through external parties?

Is Seascape fully decentralized? How do you avoid being centralized further?

What are the major milestones to look forward to in 2021?




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