Promises Kept — An Assurance of Success

When it comes to keeping promises, Seascape is the platform to trust. Seascape this year has had a growth drive faster than all the racers in Fast 9. Beat that!

Before we became members of the Seascape community, something caught our attention — the opportunity to earn! Yes, we have that in common.

Here’s a post from January

Seascape stated their objectives

We are dedicated to solving 3 obstacles:

  • A lack of user incentives to learn about and become active in the blockchain.
  • A lack of scalable DeFi and NFT solutions to truly leverage the power of gaming as a medium.
  • A lack of affordable game platforms for devs in traditional outlets.

Our 3-phase game plan:

  • Here, we focus on creating a high-quality user experience on the one hand and profitability for the user on the other, with an Ethereum launch correlated with the Token Generation Event.
  • Next, we will build dev tools and SDKs for Substrate and the Polkadot network. Likewise, we will onboard new devs and release new games on the Scape Store.
  • Next, we will focus on facilitating great games and large-scale user acquisition.

Assessing their objectives, this was too good to be true. You must have pondered then, just like I did. Can they accomplish that? One of a kind, that sort of game that would be.

Now, what comes to your mind whenever games are mentioned? My guess — fun. Games are things we do for fun or sometimes to escape boredom. That’s it! Factually, Seascape made us a promise that we’d earn from having fun. What an offer!

With its planned and well-structured vision, Seascape has achieved its set goals and promises. All of this, within a half of the year. Recapitulating at the year, they have kept it 💯💯.

Analyzing some of the top questions from AMA sessions held last year and early this year, Seascape hasn’t swayed from its goals or faltered from its promises. Frankly, they’ve done more than they intended.

Promises Kept

What characteristics and features makes Seascape’s minting and trading system different from other gaming DeFi platforms?

What we’ve done is creating a firm balancing act that will assure that both NFTs and Crowns exist in equilibrium. We balance the value in the creation and burning of NFTs, as well as in minting and spending Crowns. When NFTs are claimed, they are burned, and when they are created, they require Crowns. The economy grows through additional users engaging in the economy, rather than unstable inflation inducing practices, as seen on some other well-known platforms.

Concretely, how can players earn money? Only through staking?

There are actually several different ways. Let’s examine them quickly.

a. Play BLOCKLORDS ( now, after token launch, we will find a way to reward our loyal players.

b. Play DeFi Games after Seascape Network launch, join the liquidity pool and stake your LP tokens to get Crowns rewards.

c. Earn Seascape NFTs from our games and stake them to get a great CWS bonus.

d. Trade your NFT outside (OpenSea) to get direct profit.

How efficient and secure is your smart contract? Have you ever been audited through external parties?

We are working with some of the top auditing firms in the world to ensure the security of all of our smart contracts, as well as making sure that all of our customer data is kept safe from any prying eyes. We have successfully launched several blockchain games and smart contracts without any issues as well, so our track record speaks for itself.

One fun note is that Certik, one of our auditors, mentioned that the level of quality in our smart contract development is some of the highest they have ever seen, which is why they have decided to highlight us on their website under some good development practices for smart contracts. You have to rest assured that our dApps can be used safely and that funds will be protected.

Is Seascape fully decentralized? How do you avoid being centralized further?

The Seascape Network is being developed with decentralization in mind, but game development is tricky and there are lots of pitfalls that need to be avoided, meaning we need to be able to resolve these issues internally during the initial stages before releasing everything to the community. The transition to a fully decentralized gaming ecosystem platform will begin on day 1 of our launch, with holders being direct stakeholders in the success of the platform, and rewarded for this participation.

That said, the transition will take a lot of time, as we need to ensure that each step happens smoothly and with successful handovers of governance that don’t interfere with the profitability of the user, game dev, or token owners!

What are the major milestones to look forward to in 2021?

The first step of our launch will be to release the Seascape game platform, which will of course host our core strategy game, BLOCKLORDS, but also 3 brand new DeFi mini-games which will provide great opportunities for our users to earn. This will all be released on the Ethereum mainnet as while transaction fees are high, most of the value is still there for our users to grab.


Seascape’s dedication to achieving its set goals is a sure sign of growth and an assurance of success for future plans.

The first half of this year has recorded remarkable achievements and growth. And I am, just as much as you are, impatient and eager to participate in all the opportunities this 2nd half will present.



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