Features of the Seascape Ecosystem

Let’s cast our minds back to about a year ago… You can sit back now, while you take a sip of that favourite drink of yours. Today, we’re doing reflection, so I need you relaxed from all stressful activities as we reflect and review. As I said, let’s cast our minds back to about a year ago. As far back as the first time, you heard of Seascape.

What comes to mind? A lot of things I guess. Let’s recall the proposals, the promises etc. How were they going to achieve all that?

About Seascape

Seascape is a gaming network on the blockchain with significant interests in DeFi and NFT economies. The network incorporates the concept of DeFi and NFTs into its games creating an ecosystem where people can earn just by playing games.

Comparing then and now, just how much we have achieved! Remember, it’s been a “your game, your rules” policy. Maybe, you don’t think much of it but know, you’ve made a significant part of this progress.

Looking at the structure we’ve built, we can celebrate a wonderful network today. A fast-growing incentivized gaming ecosystem, a DEX, a store and even more. 🥰

If you’re new to all these, highlighted below are some of the features that make up the Seascape Network. Welcome to the Seascape Network.

  • Games
  • Tokenization
  • DEX
  • Marketplace


The main objective of the Seascape Network is to incentivize gamers (developers and players) for their gaming time. By this, gamers play to earn.

Avoiding the issue of periodic changes and modification of rules as is the case in most traditional games, Seascape adopts the concept of DeFi into its games and incorporates monetary incentives into it as well.

The network has successfully launched four (4) DeFi game series which are Profit Circus, NFT Brawl, Staking Saloon and Scape Forum. The first three games have completed three (3) seasons while Scape Forum, the most recent of the four games highlighted, has completed its first season.

Just around the corner is another DeFi game — Zombie Farm. This series will be the fifth DeFi game on the network. The network promises more ways to earn and we anticipate.

Click here to play Profit Circus Season Two on MoonRiver.

Click here to play NFT Brawl Season One on MoonRiver.

Click here to play NFT Brawl Season Three on ETH and BSC


Tokenization comprises all processes needed to create a digital asset or token that is usable on a blockchain network.

The Seascape Network has created and adopted the Crowns token with ticker symbol $CWS as the official token of its network. Crowns serve as the accepted means of exchange for users and stakeholders of the Seascape ecosystem.

Seascape’s object of play-to-earn is achieved via the Crowns tokens, as gamers on the network transact in $CWS and also get rewarded in $CWS.


Still, on the Seascape Network, members, fans and users of Seascape can now swap tokens within the Seascape ecosystem. These tokens can be put to use in the Seascape Network or on other platforms.

With the launch of SeaDex, the dream became reality.

What is SeaDex

SeaDex is the first decentralized exchange of the Seascape Network.

Decentralized exchanges, referred to as DEX or DEXes are platforms that allow traders to trade with each other directly, eliminating the place of a middle-man. The terms of the trade are controlled autonomously by smart contracts.

In crypto-related DEXes, traders swap one currency (coin or token) for another using a direct peer-to-peer transaction method.

On SeaDex, traders are able to swap MOVR for RIB, and RIB for MOVR and both tokens are natives to the Moonbeam Network. SeaDex currently runs on Moonriver, a companion network to Moonbeam.


There are many platforms/marketplaces with which you can buy Seascape products. Reliable networks such as Treasureland, OpenSea, Refinable, BakerySwap etc are great NFT Marketplaces, but Seascape products are special, and as such, deserve their place.

With the help of Moonriver, Seascape has set up personal market space for its products. This will further smoothen the trading processes involved with the Network. At the moment, all Scapes exclusive to the network are available for purchase. Over time, anticipate an online hub that’ll comprise any and everything you can imagine.

About Scapestore

Scapestore is an online marketplace on Moonriver. It is exclusive to the Seascape Network. On Scapestore, fans and members of the Seascape will be able to purchase products unique to the Seascape Network. Categories of products are not stated for now as only Seascape’s NFTs are available for sale. However, as the network grows, other products unique to the network will be made available.

Get your amazing and exclusive NFTs now on Scapestore




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