CWS Token are now on SushiSwap

Do you think you’ve had the best? Well no! Gladly, I can say, you haven’t seen it all. Here is another spicy offer. Who else is hungry? It’s lunchtime! Seascape offers a nice taste of Japanese soy sauce, Sushi. Everyone is invited, so get your seat at the table. And also, grab your favourite drink to wash down.

When you hear or think of Sushi, what comes to mind? Likely, a Japanese dish, something fishy and tasty. Oh Yeah! Sit back and read on, I’ve got just the right news for you. Seascape celebrates a new partnership!😁

Seascape has expanded its connections by partnering with SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange, to further incentivize its community.

About SushiSwap

SushiSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange network built on the Ethereum blockchain. On its platform, you can lock up assets into smart contracts, and traders then buy and sell cryptocurrencies from those pools, swapping out one token for another.

It aims to be the giant and the most popular Ethereum-based DEX on the cryptocurrency market. The official token of SushiSwap is called SUSHI. SushiSwap rewards those who deposit cryptocurrency to provide liquidity to the protocol with SUSHI.

SushiSwap can be called a Home of DeFi, because, with SushiSwap you can do a whole lot; Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage all on one decentralized, community-driven platform.

Features of SushiSwap Platform

SushiSwap has the following features on their menu of applications: SushiSwap Exchange (Swap), SushiSwap Liquidity Pools (Pool), SushiSwap Farming (Farm), Lending (Lend), Borrowing (Borrow), Staking (Stake) and Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering (MISO).


On the Swap menu, you can swap ETH for any of the tokens from their long inexhaustible list.

The SushiSwap Exchange lets you easily swap between 100+ ERC-20 tokens. No KYC is required to use the SushiSwap exchange. All you need is a Web 3.0 wallet such as Metamask and some Ethereum to pay gas fees to execute swaps.


This gives you the opportunity of creating liquidity for any desired coin or token using ETH.

By adding liquidity you’ll earn 0.25% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. This can be done by depositing equal amounts of two cryptocurrencies into an existing pool on SushiSwap or by creating your pool. Fees added to the pool, accrue in real-time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.


SushiSwap farm is a yield farm. It enables cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards on their holdings. With yield farming, you can deposit units of a cryptocurrency into a lending protocol to earn interest from trading fees.

In the farming process, you stake, to initiate the farming process, or ‘Unstake’, to withdraw funds.


MISO (Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering), is a suite of open-source smart contracts created to ease the process of launching a new project on the SushiSwap exchange.

Plan MISO is a clear indication of SushiSwap’s forward-thinking, cutting-edge architecture as it seeks to encapsulate both the hype-driven world of NFTs and the economic potential of IDOs into its ecosystem.

The SUSHI Token

SUSHI is an ERC-20 token issued to liquidity providers (LPs) on the SushiSwap decentralised exchange (DEX). It is earned by providing liquidity to pools on SushiSwap or through staking in exchange for SLP tokens.

The token was built to reward early users of the protocol by allowing them to continue earning a cut of SushiSwap’s fees even after they have stopped providing liquidity to SushiSwap’s pools. This can be done by staking SUSHI to earn more SUSHI on SushiSwap’s Sushi Bar.

Maximize SUSHI Yield

For every swap on the exchange on every chain, 0.05% of the swap fees are distributed as SUSHI proportional to your share of the SushiBar. When your SUSHI is staked into the SushiBar, you receive xSUSHI in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other protocols. Your xSUSHI is continuously compounding, when you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited SUSHI and any additional fees.

Benefits of the Partnership


With this partnership, Seascape’s universal token Crowns can now be traded on SushiSwap, broadening the horizon of the Seascape Network.

Fans and members of the Seascape community can now go over to, stake Crowns for greater and increased rewards.


Asides trading Crowns on SushiSwap, this partnership also offers more for fans of the Seascape Network. The use of SushiSwap LP tokens has been introduced into Profit Circus’ new season.

Profit Circus, the first DeFi game of the Seascape Network recently released its third Season. The game will be available on both ETH and BSC. For the fans and members of the Seascape community, the Ethereum version of this new season uses SushiSwap LP tokens. Get ready to win big.

About Seascape

The Seascape Network is a gaming platform on the blockchain with its interests geared towards NFT economies and DeFi. It allows users to collateralize and earn from its in-game assets.

Its official token is called Crowns. Crowns are the medium used for payments, exchanges and rewards on its network. Adopting and introducing NFTs into its ecosystem, its goal is to create an ecosystem where the user and the developer can profit from their favourite games!




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