An Outlook of the Seascape Network and its Gaming Ecosystem

Hello, Seascape community! Today, we should talk about life. One thing we know about life is that change is constant, new things (i.e innovations, trends and development) keep showing up. Matter of factly, you get left behind if you don’t follow up with these changes. This brings us to the Blockchain.

Blockchain technology has been around for some time now and it’s dominating almost every sector of life; health, education, security, you name it. One reason why it is gaining more adoption daily is that it is decentralized and secure. It also is a building block for many modern technologies and developments, one of such is NFTs.

NFTs surfaced out of nowhere and is now a subject of interest to the crypto-sphere. Being a unique digital asset that can also possess financial value, interests in it has spiked in recent times and people now intend to hold a collection of this asset. Myriads of investors and organizations have structures that promote the use and wide adoption of these tokens and one is the Seascape Network.

The Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a platform set up on the blockchain. It stands out as one of the platforms promoting the wide adoption of NFTs. Its interests are in NFT economies and DeFi.

Seascape aims to become the one-stop solution for gamers and DeFi investors all around the world. Using the power of incentivized gaming to attract active users and excellent devs, the platform thrives to cement its place as the ultimate game platform promoting earn while you play.


Seascape’s ecosystem is primarily a gaming platform. However, it incorporates the following features into its games bringing to actualization its concept of play-to-earn.


DeFi is a short form for Decentralized Finance. It represents a financial system in which there is no centralized or authorized body of control. Transactions on this financial system are not controlled by a single body or central financial intermediaries such as banks; instead, these transactions utilizes smart contracts on a blockchain.

Smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met.

Seascape Network is a decentralized network. It allows for DeFi concepts such as staking, CDPs, and yield farming to be gamified. These concepts are incorporated into their games as a core gameplay feature in addition to the possibility for leaderboards and ranking systems.

Dev Friendly

Seascape is a home for all game developers and users. It incentivizes them to develop, play, and trade assets in a marketplace that provides rewards through entertainment and economic benefits.

Seascape utilizes standardized Smart contracts to form business agreements with software developers wishing to create and improve gaming projects on their platform. The Smart contracts will define the working relationship between a developer and Seascape and will be used to award them with royalty payments for their work.


The word gaming doesn’t need much elucidation to understand. Gaming, if put simply, is the practice of playing games. Undoubtedly, I know this word is not new to us as we all play games. Yet, the problem persists, why to spend so much time on something that you can’t gain anything from in return.

In traditional gaming systems especially in video games, players spend much time playing games just for the fun. Inasmuch as this is cool, it is on the premise of this unrewarded time that Seascape births its idea.

Gaming Structure

Having considered other setbacks and problems of traditional games, Seascape structured a solution to these problems.

Seascape’s aim is to better the gaming experience for both developers and players by making it incentivized. With this, gamers (both players and developers) can earn from their gaming time.

In their games, Seascape has prioritized the following features and these outweigh all benefits offered by traditional games.

  • Playable games
  • In-game incentives
  • Crypto payments
  • Mobile friendly


NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens. These are digital assets or tokenized versions of real-world assets encoded on a Blockchain. They are characterized by certain features. The following describes NFTs. NFTs are:

  • Unique
  • Indivisible
  • Indestructible
  • Verifiable and possess proof of absolute ownership

Being a popular network promoting the wide adoption of NFTs, the Seascape ecosystem has its own NFTs called Scapes. These NFTs have been incorporated into Seascape games, users can now own collections of these digital assets by playing games on the network.

Scapes possess all the aforementioned features of NFTs and also some additional features that make them of immense value to users of the network and others in the crypto-sphere.

Features of Scapes

  • Character — Scapes have different names and characters
  • Quality — Each character has a quality distinguishable by its frame.
  • Generation — Scapes available on the network have different generations that represent the power of the scape.

Read more about scapes here.


Every Network on the blockchain has a means of exchange unique to its network. This means of exchange is used to reward stakeholders of the network and it’s also used as payment for users of the network. The study of this means of exchange, its value, its functionality and how it relates to others accepted means of exchange outside its native platform is Tokenomics.

It is important to know that, this accepted means of exchange on the network might be a crypto-coin or a crypto-token. No need to get jumbled over this, crypto coins and crypto-tokens are the same; however, one thing distinguishes them.

A crypto-coin is an accepted means of exchange of a network that has its blockchain. Meanwhile, a token is a means of exchange of a network that doesn’t run its blockchain. Thus a token relies on a blockchain and the crypto-coin of that blockchain to be functional.

For the Seascape Network, the accepted mean of exchange is the Crowns token. This token is an ERC-20 token and relies on the Ethereum mainnet.

How to earn/buy Crowns?

One can secure and/or obtain Crowns (CWS) using any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. There are 7 cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces available for you to trade Crowns (CWS) online. Listed below are some cryptocurrency marketplaces and exchanges that trade Crowns (CWS).

• UniSwap (v2)

• UniSwap (v3)



• Pancake swap

• Kucoin

• Bilaxy

• AscendEX (BitMax)

  • SushiSwap

Always confirm the Crowns (CWS) address before purchase or exchange.

Final Thoughts

Seascape proposes to change the whole narrative of games from what it was initially conceived to be, thus forging a new path for future gaming experiences. In its vision, the interest of the gamers (players and developers) are a top priority hence the saying Your game, Your rules.

Stay tuned to the network for more information.

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