A Recap of what happened at Seascape Network in August 2021

Hello, Seascape Community! Welcome to the month of September. We started off the month with lots of offers, thanks to August. Currently, there is a lot going on, so get as many rewards from these as you can while these offers last. And remember, you’re to tell others about Seascape .😁

August was a wonderful month, it gave out one of the best offers so far on the network. If you’re regularly updated with activities and events on the network you can attest. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing moments and offers we had in August.


Looking back at the month of August, we have the following as highlights of the month.

  • Launch of SeaDex & Profit Circus S1 on Moonriver
  • Over 2.5 million TVL on Moonriver
  • Launch of Profit Circus S3 & NFT Brawl S3
  • Trades & Marketplaces
  • Giveaways

Trades & Market places

Binance NFT

Seascape featured a new NFT, a zombie killer, Wichita, on Binance NFT. Binance NFT is a marketplace that brings together artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts on a single platform to create and trade top NFTs.

The zombie killer NFT was made available for trade on August, 3rd in Seascape’s exclusive mystery boxes on Binance NFT. Wichita is available in the following qualities Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary. This rare NFT will feature in Seascape’s zombie-themed DeFi game. The said game will be the fifth Defi game on the network.


Still, on trade and marketplaces, Seascape partnered with Refinable early in the year and last month, it has successfully set up a trade on the protocol.

Refinable is the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs.

Rush to Refinable to get these exclusive NFTs, as all of Seascape’s NFTs are now available for trade on Refinable.



Gelato is a protocol concerned with the automation of smart contracts. It automates smart contracts executed on the Ethereum mainnet and even beyond.

Seascape’s team up with Gelato will facilitate the use of the network’s ecosystem to give users a better gaming experience.


Seascape in August sealed a partnership deal with SushiSwap, thus opening the horizon for its native token.

SushiSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange network built on the Ethereum blockchain. On its platform, you can lock up assets into smart contracts, and traders then buy and sell cryptocurrencies from those pools, swapping out one token for another.

Endorsing the partnership, CWS can be now traded on SushiSwap. Also, note that SushiSwap is the exchange protocol for Profit Circus S3. We anticipate more benefits from this partnership as we look forward to a brighter end of the year.


For the month of August, we’ve had significant achievements and it’s worth looking back at.

On August 3rd, we brought the heat to BinanceNFT. The market couldn’t stand our exclusive mystery boxes and just in minutes we completely sold out. Thanks to you our community, for the unwavering support.

In our partnership with Moonbeam, we have achieved our first DEX, SeaDex and it is live on Moonriver, Moonbeam’s companion network.

Additionally, we also celebrate the launch of Profit Circus Season 1 on this platform. This is a rare opportunity as the scapes featured on the game are Gen 0. We celebrate us even more, our community, as we hit 1.5 million TVL within 24 hours; the number which stands over 2.5 million now. And we also celebrate a TVL of well over 5 million on Profit Circus.


After the opening sale of Wichita on Binance NFT, Seascape gave out mystery boxes daily to lucky winners randomly chosen from its community for thirteen days.

Also, Seascape in partnership with coinmarketcap gave out a whopping $100,000+ worth of $CWS to celebrate the partnership. The gleam contest lasted about 14 days and there were 5000 lucky winners.

Asides from this, we’ve had trading contests on Binance NFT, Refinable


The month of August heralded the return of the circus game act, Profit Circus, this time for its third season.

The third season of the game was proposed to run for a period of 30 days. The offer of the season is mega and a whopping amount of 60,000 CWS is up for grabs. SushiSwap was introduced as the exchange network for the ETH version of the game.

Also, NFT Brawl came back with its third season offering 2nd Gen NFTs. The game lasts also for 30 days and ends on the 20th of September.

Still, on games, we expect a return for the Roman Scape Forum and Staking saloon as it ended its first and second season respectively.

Prospects & Projects

In the coming weeks, we await the release of Zombie Farm as the fifth DeFi game of the network. Hope your collection of Wichita is still intact, as I can’t wait to get mine on the action?

Furthermore, the remainder of Seascape’s games will be released on Moonriver. An opportunity to get those Gen 0 scapes yet again.




Creative and Smart

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