Emmanuel Patrick

Aug 8, 2021

5 min read


With smiles, we welcome the month of August. The month of July was an amazing one for us; likewise for all members of the Seascape community. To attest, one of the best months since the year begun. That month was such a thriller that our community won’t forget it in a bit. Let’s have a look back at the activities of that month.

Below are highlights of the month of July:

  • Release of Scape Forum
  • NFT Design Contest/Sales
  • New Farms and Staking Pools
  • Introduction of Wichita
  • Partnerships


LOC Game

We went as far as the ends of the earth to ensure you all become legends; partnering with LOCG (Legends of Crypto), an NFT trading card game that has taken the crypto world by storm.

With iconic characters in the crypto and DeFi world, along with the most recognizable and economy-shifting memes, LOC Game allows you to earn and play with others across the world.

In line with this, we will be helping the development and publication of a LOCG based game on the Seascape platform. What exciting news for all fans of card-based games and crypto.


We followed the sea waves and it landed us at BinanceNFT. BinanceNFT is an NFT store powered by BSC. The offer gets better as more dimensions of mysteries became unravelled on BinanceNFT, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the crypto sphere.

This led to the introduction of our new Scape Character — Wichita. Available only via mystery boxes on BinanceNFT, Wichita is a Zombie Hunter and her special skills will be featured in our upcoming game Zombie Farm — Anticipate.

BSC Station

Another one is with BSC Station so expect more opportunities and more ways to earn.

BSC Station is a network developed as a DeFi and NFT hub on the Binance smart chain. It aims to create a Full-Stack DeFi with NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. Leveraging on the Binance Smart Chain, it will become the economic infrastructure for DeFi and NFT.

This platform is a hub for crypto services on BSC. It offers a variety of services such as providing a centre for IDO launchpad, farming, staking, BSC swap, NFT auction, and NFT marketplace.

Currently, we have our dual-staking pool on BSC Station live. Hodlers of $pCWS and holders of BSCS can earn by creating liquidity using their tokens. Stake $pCWS to earn BSCS and stake BSCS to earn $pCWS.

Another partnership was our team-up with BabySwap. July was just fabulous!


On Poly Network, we have just crossed a whopping 1,000,000 $CWS bridged. Thanks to them, our games and the Crowns token (pCWS) became a reality on BSC Binance Smart Chain!

Yet again, you our community put us out there on the Leaderboard on Treasureland. Skyrocketing our trade volume, we took the number one spot in the concluding week of that month. We are happy to report that we are seeing steady growth over on the Binance Smart Chain.


With ApeSwap

Our NFT design contest with ApeSwap came to a close on the 1st of July. Favourite designs voted for by the Seascape community were published as NFTs and we also opened sales on these.


Partnering with LOCG we agreed to, hold joint NFT market activities, as well as create some unique incentivized NFT that is sure to be available on the hottest NFT marketplaces out there!

After our thrilling NFT design contest, we held a joint NFT market of the community’s favourite designs. Five persons had their designs published as NFTs and put out for sale.

With BabySwap

With BabySwap, we put out 143 NFBs for sale. The rare tokens which carry a special and lovely message (I LOVE YOU) sold on Treasureland at 0.1 BNB a piece.

To define for our community the benefits of our partnership, we had an AMA session with the Global Operations Director of BabySwap on the 30th of July.

Also, in partnership with BabySwap, we had introduced our USDT-pCWS farm, where you can stake BABY to earn $pCWS. Luckily, it’s not too late to join as the farm is still alive. This is a rare opportunity for a long term reward. Enjoy insane APR Until It Lasts.

Asides from these, we’ve also had giveaways. Our partnership giveaway offers for that month were very mouth-watering.


In July, the second season of Profit Circus and the second season of NFT Brawl both came to an end. Profit Circus in that season was made available for 60 days and NFT Brawl S2 was available for 30 days. Both games were featured on the Ethereum chain and the Binance Smart Chain.

We hope you and the rest of the community could make the most out of the season. However, don’t wait in the dark, watch out and anticipate a new season for these games.

Still, on games, we introduced to our community our proposed fourth DeFi game — Scape Forum. And on the 20th of July, Scape Forum the fourth modular game on the Seascape Network became live, allowing our users to combine Scapes to mint our newest Scape, Placidus.

July was really amazing. Thank you for being there every inch of the way